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Men’s Slip On EE Wide Fitting Slippers with Twin Gusset

Navy Microsuede
Navy Tartan
Navy Velour

Mens Slippers

Shop our collection of men’s slippers featuring a huge range of men’s moccasin slippers, mules and slip on slipper designs. All with Free Uk delivery and exchanges for peace of mind buying online!

Men’s Moccasin Slippers

The classic moccasin slipper is based on the traditional North American design. These are cut, stitched and turned from a single piece of material for each foot. They are then stitched to an outsole or left for the leather fibres underfoot to harden in wear becoming a natural sole. The front of the moccasin slipper is hand stitched giving the recognisable puckering design around the front of teh ‘apron’ on the vamp of the slippers. Our moccasin slippers for men are available with either soft soles or hard soles giving you a range of colours and finishes.

Mule Slippers For Men

Simple in concept and taking its design lead from ladies’ model, the mule slipper is the easiest to slip on and off! With a simple sleeve or closed in clog design, the linings are super soft and comfortable. From suede, micro suede and a variety of fabric and knitted uppers. The combinations are endless – the comfort is guaranteed!

Traditional Men’s Slippers

The most traditional of designs with tartan uppers and soft fur or micro linings. The side elastics or ‘gussets’ make them really easy to slip on and off. Pair them with your favourite microfibre dressing gown!

Men’s Slipper Boots

More traditional than you think. Slipper boots for men have been around for a long time. Some of these are wide fitting with orthopaedic qualities. Easy touch fastenings make them easy to undo and slip off. Our felt higher top bootees are perfect for the older gent looking for supreme quality and comfort.

Our full slipper collection comes with Free UK delivery and returns taking teh worry out of online shopping!